Found Cheap Alamo Heights Apartments For Rent

I wanted to get a cheaper apartment to rent. I recently was demoted at work and my pay decreased. I wasn’t going to be able to afford the apartment I was currently in because of this. I started searching around to find a cheaper Alamo Heights apartment for rent.

I started searching online and looked on Craigslist and For Rent. I heard many people talk about finding rentals on Craigslist and I saw a few there I wanted to look into more. Then I went to For Rent and searched there. I was able to filter my search to include rentals that were affordable. I found a few more there that I wanted to see too. I contacted the landlords for all of these properties and set up appointments to look at them.

After looking at all of these apartments, I decided to go with one that was cheaper than the other ones. It wasn’t really what I wanted, but I knew I would be able to afford it and have extra money to spend. I signed all the paperwork and was able to move in shortly after that. I lucked into my old landlord being understanding and allowing me to break my lease. Once I explained what happened at work and how much less I was going to be getting paid, they were understanding and didn’t make me pay any additional fees for breaking the lease. I really liked that landlord, but I didn’t expect them to lower my rent or anything like that. I am so glad I chose to move to a cheaper place. It had been way less stressful on me and I can actually afford to spend money on other things. It’s nice not worrying about stuff like that.